Una Roma nostra

As I have not added anything new for two weeks or so, I am starting to feel bad, as a kid that does not do his homework, or one that has too many toys and plays with one toy for five minutes and then forgets it completely. So I decided to add this new blog, written late and in a stream-of-consciousness manner, just to have the opportunity to tell you what has happened lately… So…;) ehm… we have had a wonderful weekend in Rome, on the weekend following the Valentine’s Day… The weather was fairly warm, we had one day of strong sunshine, which gave us slight sun burn (well, sort of 😉 but we did not mind at all and then two days of so-so weather, but still warmer than here where we live….So what about Rome? It is fantastic! Soaked with history, laid-back, noisy, smelly, there are palms and those great umbrella-like mediterranean pines everywhere, you can see and hear sea-gulls, there are nuns which can share a laugh with you, there are monuments from the Antinquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, there is Vatican with loads of treasures like for example those fabulous da Vinci frescoes (nudge nudge, wink wink), which can move you to tears (my Lucia was VERY moved, I was moved but also moved about by the HUGE crowds so a tiny bit nervous as well, I admit), there is quirky Mussolinean architecture, there is Fontana di Trevi, there is the fabulous Piazza Navona, built on the vestiges of an old hippodrome…and… I could continue and continue…:) And we had a great atmospheric hotel on top of that. The only drawback was that my beloved was ill so it was at times really tiring for her. But otherwise a great weekend! I recommend, everybody should go if they can! ;)) And this is all for tonite, it’s getting late and talk to you soon! Buena Notte!

Michelangelo's Piazza Campidoglio

Forum Romanum

St Mario, the saviour of popolo d'Italia?