The spring project, March 5 (spring in the air!)

When the weather starts “behaving again” in February, March, I always remember this joke from George Mikes and his wonderful comedy book How to be an alien:

“Lovely day Weinstock, spring in the air!”, says Leibentropf upon running into a fellow immigrant in New York’s Central Park. “Why should I???” is the puzzled answer.

This year it was on February 29 that I smelled the spring in the air for the first time. And how great it was!
With my baby, we spent a wonderful evening walking in the city park, as in the days when we dated.

(Well, actually, now that I think about it, we never really went to parks much during that time, we used to go to …ehm… an indoor climbing centre… 😉

Anyway, the most romantic time of the year is here (despite the current wintery “parenthèse”).
Spring in the air! 🙂

And where did you, dear readers, use to go on dates with your loved ones? Any interesting, funny places? Did you do anything unusual? I’d be delighted to know!