haiku 17 april



sunday evening

nobody outside

only a pair of leather boots



haiku 11 april

a cap on a bench

in the park of

an old people’s home



(It was a tweed cap on a bench. It felt a little bit sad to see it there, left behind. I wondered who had left it there. Then I discovered that my 7-month old son in a pram is missing a shoe. He must have kicked it out of the pram. I decided to backtrack to look for it. A lady walking with an elderly woman stopped me and asked if we had not lost a shoe, that her husband was looking for us. I rushed towards the front of the retirement home to look for the man. There was nobody. An older man passed us and said he knew we were looking for a shoe and that the man with the shoe was looking for us. I felt like in a James Bond movie. Everybody was looking for the shoe. Sebastian was getting restless, so we sat on a bench and I took him out of the pram. He was smiling at me. Then I saw a man waving the shoe over his head. He came to us with a big smile and handed me the shoe. I thanked him a 10 times and told him it was very kind of him. He smiled and left. What a nice man.)