The story of REM in 9 albums

Their mandolins were clearly Out Of Time in 1991.
Bolstered by success, the next album was to be Automatically For The People.
Fame can be scary, why don’t we scare the fame with Monster?
Adventures in HiFi were to be had during their first tour in years.
Falling to their knees when the drummer left, they stood Up again.
What they thought of the new millennium was Revealed in 2001.
To find new inspiration, they flew Around the sun.
They Accelerated again, but the thrust was not enough.
At the end, to escape the never-ending cycle of rebirths, they Collapsed Into Now.

They’ve been in the present moment with us ever since, part of our collective conscience. Thank you!

(I’ve been a fan since early nineties when my English teacher at the University gave me a tape with Fables of the Reconstruction on side A and Life’s Rich Pageant on side B)…