Books I’ve read recently – Neil Young’s autobiography Waging Heavy Peace

I’ve recently read some very interesting books (I have the time now, as I am recovering after a small surgery – which is the upside of the whole business). One of them – Neil Young’s autobiography Waging Heavy Peace – I read in only three days, two of which in hospital. I started already the evening before the surgery when I came to hospital. The doctor who came to see me on the eve of the operation even asked me, jokingly, how long I expected to be in the hospital, as the book is quite long – it has 500 pages. (like some of Neil’s songs, or solos, one could say…). I enjoyed it a lot. It’s written in the first person and you feel as if Neil was talking to you personally – at times he actually is and it is very nice feeling. You feel like calling him up and asking what he is doing….
In the book, he talks a lot about his hifi pono music player. He seems to be really enthusiastic about it. He says he is fed up with the low quality of the streamed music. We’ll see if his project picks up, I’ve read opinions that you are not generally able to hear the difference between music streamed at 320 kbps and the pono’s lossless format of 1411-9216 kbps. It depends on a whole range of issues I guess, the speakers, the headphones etc… I keep my fingers crossed for his project to succeed, though. I recently bought my first pair of hifi headphones and can say it is a great difference if you use good headphones or not. So maybe it will be the same with his format after all and people will start appreciating it. It’s funny now that, as I have this new pair of headphones, I tend not to choose music which I like musically, but, rather, which is well-recorded technically… E.g. I really like the way Neil Young’s song Heart of Gold is recorded (and written). The sound is intense, full… It’s a beautiful song recorded in a beautiful way. And then, another beautiful song of his, Harvest Moon, has not got such a beautiful sound, even though it is also a great song. It sound a bit flatter… Don’t know. Sometimes it is I guess better to listen to music on speakers so that you don’t hear everything in detail, but, rather a song as such, as a whole…
Have a great week, folks!