Toile blanche, Paris, 6 octobre

It was a rainy night. We were a little tired and not really willing to go out but in the end we were very happy we did, if it were only for a single performance that we saw: GUILLAUME BRUÈRE RENDRE AUX ÉGYPTIENS L’OBÉLISQUE. It took place in a huge tent by the Jardin des Tuileries. In the middle of the tent there was a huge, twenty-metre long table. Behind the table, a man, Guillaume Bruère with his ever present helper, a woman in a leather jacket who listened to and fulfilled all his wishes including bringing clean water to dip his brushes in, sharpening the pencils, moving a tray with all his tools along the table… The most fascinating thing was his frantic manner of drawing – as if he were running against the time, he drew shapes, hieroglyphs, strange outlines, first of all drawing them with the pencil (often holding a pencil in each hand and drawing simultaneously), then filling the shapes with colour in a very rushed, impatient way, moving along the table in all directions.. It was fascinating to see the shapes emerge from the white paper. It was exciting to see the creative process unfolding. We stood by his table for good twenty minutes but he never stopped, just moved on and on, filling the white void with images from his imagination. As we were leaving, dead tired, looking forward to bed, we realised that he was to be there the whole night, standing behind the table, drawing… Hats off to you Mr Bruère!

photos by Lucia Supova

artist’s website:


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