The spring project, March 8 (beyond red carnations)

It´s the International Women´s Day today. Coming from a former communist country (Slovakia), it´s not easy to look at this day without bias.

Back in that era, 8 March was used for the slickest communist propaganda. There were posters and banners with communist slogans everywhere, pupils gave their teachers red carnations, members of the politburo visited sewing factories, agricultural cooperatives, hospitals where they shook hands, gave flowers, posed for photographs.
Then they got on into their slick Tatra cars and were gone.
And the women finished their work and went home where their „second shift“ began: they took care of the kids, cooked, ironed, while their husbands stayed longer at work and celebrated the International Women´s Day with their male colleagues.
Funny tradition.
But over twenty years have passed since then and it´s time to start a new tradition, free from all politics!

Ladies: Happy Woman´s Day! May you feel special today (and every other day too!)


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