The spring project, March 2 (close encounter with the Luxembourgish wildlife)

As I got off the bus at the very outskirts of the city, I saw them. The ravens. There were myriads of them, walking proudly up and down the field. As soon as I pressed the camera to my forehead, all but a few of them had flown away. I am sure I could hear a distinct ..Nevermore.. among all the croaking.

I made a turn into the small lane between the gardens that leads to our house. I felt I was being watched… I turned about quickly… nothing, I walked on for a few meters and turned again and there she was! The neighbour’s cat…

She eyed me up for some time and then jumped over a small wall and was gone. I stood where I was and listened for a while. The wind ruffled the leaves on the nearby tree. I love this sound. I kept listening for some time. Suddenly I heard the song of a bird. It was a blackbird soloist and a choir of sparrows.

I approached the tree. The sparrows fell silent, I made another step forward, they flew away. I came right under the tree, the blackbird was still there, undeterred, playing cool, pretending as if he (and I) were not really there.

It was a situation of “either me or him”. He was there, did not mind me, pretending nothing was happening. I was ready to show him who was the boss when, at that precise time, I heard the flapping of huge wings above. I looked up in amazement and saw a heron probably on the way to some place by the nearby river.

I looked back but the blackbird was gone…
I regretted you were not with me dear.


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