What if (a post-scriptum)

The day after I saw the video of a polar bear and a husky, which inspired me to write the poem What if,
the most extraordinary thing happened to me.
I was walking home from a bus stop not long before midnight when suddenly a beautiful grown-up husky appeared before me as I was about to cut a corner. He seemed happy to find a living soul in the deserted
streets of Luxembourg and joyfully ran around me, having adopted me as a member of his pack.
I walked on, astonished. The dog minded his own business, but from time to time looked where I was going and followed me.

I came to our house, the dog was now on the little lawn before our block, chewing on something.
I knew I had to do something.
In a short while, an opportunity knocked as the dog rambled into a closed-off area designed for…walking dogs…
I ran to the door, closed it and ran up to my appartment where I excitedly told the story to my girlfriend.
We decided to call the dog asylum. My girlfriend said she would look up the number so I went back to the street to see what the dog was up to. It was nervously running around in the enclosure, kicking into the doors. Then a lady appeared with her own dog on a leash. We talked for a while and then she decided to take the dog with her for the night and call the dog asylum in the morning as, this being Luxembourg, they did not work during the night.
I went up to the flat, relieved, but still stunned.

In the morning, before I was to step out of our house into the treet, a thought flashed through my mind… What if the dog were still there, waiting for me, jumping happily about, wanting to play. I slowly opened the door, it was still dark, a light drizzle fell. There was not a living soul on the street. No sign of a happy silhouette in the distance, nothing. The door squeaked, our grumpy neighbour passed by, muttering something. The silence of the street, the rain, the darkness was almost unbearable…
I stood still for a while and then pulled my cap tightly over my ears, sighed and set off towards a bus stop from which a Eurobus would take me to work in my European institution.


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