What if

What if you were a friendly husky
a happy dog of a good master
eager to play and full of joy
and me a giant polar bear
wild and free
but looking for attachment
wanting to prove there´s tenderness
in those giant paws

In the blinding light of the polar day
we would be drawn together
I would embrace you
with my gigantic arms
you would squeal with pleasure
and excitement
like a child on a merry-go-round
bit of fear, bit of awe
you would twist and shake
wanting to escape
and at the same time to stay
and wait for more

When the sun would set
behind the beautiful fjord
you would be called by your musher
and I would wait behind a
pile of snow
till the next day to meet you again
to see your silhouette
hopping happily
in the distance…

(inspired by a video)


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